372 Digital goes mini golfing

372 Digital goes mini golfing

After successfully meeting our monthly target for April we decided to celebrate with a round of glow in the dark mini golf at Power Kart Raceway in Griffith ACT, Canberra. And for a competitive twist, there was a prize awarded to the person with the lowest score.

Excited for the challenge ahead and the opportunity to show off some fancy putting skills, the 372 Digital team entered the jungle mini golf course filled with enthusiasm. The first hole lulled everyone into a false sense of security with its minimal use of obstacles but as we progressed around the corner and saw the rest of the course light up in front of us, we realised that winning was not going to be an easy feat.

Each hole increased in difficulty with loopy loops, light up disco floors, ramps, tunnels and an uncompromising barrel that made the hole very difficult if you were unsuccessful to aim your ball over the top.

After the first 9 holes the competition was tight with only a few strokes separating the leaders. Hole 17 proved to be a challenge with a steep incline and unforgiving corner costing most of the group multiple shots and testing everyone’s patience level. It was a relief that the 18th hole wasn’t at the same level of difficulty.

Putting his way to victory was Alvis finishing up with 3 hole in ones. His unconventional style and all round good luck helped him walk away with a 3 stoke lead. Overall the team enjoyed the evening and the challenge of the course and are aiming to meet the target again for each of the coming months in order to enjoy a few more celebrations.

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