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And then there were two more

2019 is the beginning of big things for Canberra creative agency 372 Digital and what better way to start it then having two new faces join the 372 Digital team! So without further to do, we’re excited to welcome both Kira and Oliver!

Working as a web developer for the team, Kira will be providing Front-End Web Development support for our clients and other developers on the team, as well as consulting with our clients regarding our web-focused projects. She is also a skilled documentation writer, so she’ll also be providing in-depth research and documentation related to a number of our web and creative projects. When asked what superpower she would like to have Kira said she would choose to have the ability to fly, so she wouldn’t have had to spend a fortune on her new car and parking. She might just have to let Canberra air traffic control know first before she tries it out.

Oliver, on the other hand, has joined the team as a graphic designer. He will be the one creating the web design wireframes, icons, branding, business cards, print designs and anything else for our clients that needs a little dash of colour and text. Also skilled in marketing and communications, he’ll be providing some of the content to be featured across our website, social media and project publications, so watch out for those. When asked what superpower he would want, it was the ability to time travel; so he can reverse time and stop himself from burning the eggs and toast before work every morning.

With these two new members joining the team comes a new level of interactivity within the office at digital agency 372 Digital. Because of this, the 372 team can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the rest of the year! (P.S. Hopefully not that many UFOs and burnt toasts).

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