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10 years in the graphic and web design industry
31 August 2018 marks 372 Digital’s 10 years in the web design industry and we held an event to celebrate and show our appreciation for the continued support of our clients. This 10 year milestone coincided with the official launch of our workforce management software, Cimara which has been developed as part of the ACT Government Small...
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372 Digital goes mini golfing
After successfully meeting our monthly target for April we decided to celebrate with a round of glow in the dark mini golf at Power Kart Raceway in Griffith ACT, Canberra. And for a competitive twist, there was a prize awarded to the person with the lowest score. Excited for the challenge ahead and the opportunity to...
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Starting the New Year with Go-Karting
The digital creative agency 372 Digital is starting the year of 2016 with a bang! Not only are we busier now than last year but we also have two new members to the creative team. What better way to break the ice and for everyone to get to know each other on a more personal...
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Group of people chatting
A couple of weeks ago, on one of our more quieter Friday afternoons, the digital creative team stumbled across a forgotten stockpile…of Eclipse mint tins. One of our old employees had been collecting them and storing them away during his time here…for what purpose we are not too sure. It was an impressive amount and...
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