Working while on the move

Welcome, 2023! You’re looking so good right now!

So much has happened over the past four years. So much so that I can’t believe it’s been four years since our last blog post.

Unfortunately, as we know, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019 through 2021 has hit most businesses pretty hard, causing many to close with fewer service demands. Equally, 372 Digital is no different to those affected, receiving fewer enquiries during the period for graphic design, website and application development services. The good news is we can now put the COVID roadblocks behind us and focus on the opportunities ahead.

Last year was pretty busy for us. We were swamped with work, developing new extensions for our CIMARA software to support the needs of its users and developing another in-house Software-as-a-Service application. And to add to the mix, we also moved our office location from Fyshwick to Phillip. So, yes, we were literally in front of our computers while being on the move.

We saw significant improvements to our CIMARA software, from increased performance and tightening of its server and application security to introducing a fully customisable permissions module, adding the ability for a system admin to create custom access privileges and assign them to users. The project also acquired a new land management agency customer and, with their adoption, presented further opportunities for the enhancement of the application’s features.

As with this new Software-as-a-Service application that we are developing? Well, we can’t say much about it right now. Although it has been developing for over a year, the concept is still hugely under wraps. We want to ensure that the application is solid and has undergone stringent user testing before its Alpha announcement. We plan on creating a channel on Facebook, Linked-in and Instagram soon this month, so keep a lookout for it. This project is pretty sizeable, and we are very excited about its future.

This year is looking very bright, so expect to hear more from us in our blog. We hope that yours is too.

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