Starting the New Year with Go-Karting

Starting the New Year with Go-Karting

The digital creative agency 372 Digital is starting the year of 2016 with a bang! Not only are we busier now than last year but we also have two new members to the creative team. What better way to break the ice and for everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level than to go Go-Karting.

We were very lucky to have Ben take us all out on the first week back at work to “Power Kart Raceway” in Kingston, Canberra on Thursday after work along side with the crew from After signing in and been given a very trendy looking balaclava we were all ready to start our first (out of three) race. One race gave us 14 laps around the track, the track consisted of numerous sharp turns and the goal was to achieve the quickest time out of everyone to gain a reward from Ben.

On the first race we did, everyone was mostly getting use to the track and the feel of the kart. By the third race, everyone was definitely a lot more confident which also meant a lot more incidents were happening. Whenever someone has a collision with either the barricades, with others, or just over spinning themselves, all the karts would immediately come to a slow which was controlled by the Power Kart staff member.

Each time we slowed (particularly during the 2nd and 3rd race), we would see that Ben was the cause of it ? . He was either drifting himself into the wall or into others but don’t worry, no one was injured during any of the races.

It definitely got competitive towards the end, however by the end of ALL three races, it was Renae Hindmarsh that beat all of us with her best timing speed being 30 seconds.

This was an extremely fun night out and we are already thinking of what we can do for next time.


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