Canberra Weekly Advertorial

Canberra Weekly Advertorial

Hot off the digital team’s work creating prototype solutions for the ACT Government as finalists in the Digital Canberra Challenge, two local companies are looking for opportunities to deliver projects together.

Winner 372 Digital and Runner-Up Rollercoaster Digital are established start-up companies in Canberra. Each business has its own focus and methods – but they share a passion for creating products to solve problems where other companies are not succeeding.

“We had a great experience through the Challenge, meeting Ben and the 372 team is icing on the cake. We were struck straight away by the similarities in the way we all think.” Rollercoaster Digital Co-CEO Andrew Snell said.

“We each have our own work and businesses, but we can see some huge opportunities combining our skills. Collaborating can help us take a bite at some really ambitious projects, to compete with some of the big players. But we can be faster and take more risks than they can.”

372 Digital Founder Ben Brillante said “Not only did the Challenge provide us with a unique project that we thoroughly enjoyed working on, but it also introduced us to the team at Rollercoaster Digital.

It is wonderful to meet like-minded organisations who have the same drive and passion as ourselves. Collaborating with Rollercoaster Digital will help us to achieve amazing results, as we can bring the strengths of each company to larger projects.”

The two companies are already looking at strengthening existing opportunities, as well as planning future collaboration.

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