Capturing a new service

Capturing a new service

Ben is addicted to online shopping at the moment, which has resulted in a couple of new purchases. He is spending away, hoping to relive his professional photography days by adding photography as a service of 372 Digital. It begins with a new lens and a battery pack. And it looks like it might not end there…

Ben was a professional photographer before he got into the Graphic Design field, so he has the experience and know-how to provide top quality photographs. Adding this service to our repertoire will be beneficial to clients, as they don’t need to track down their own photographer. We will be able to help you with every aspect of getting your print or web design completed with a high-quality finish.

We’ll be adding photos that Ben took as a professional photographer to our portfolio soon, so feel free to check those out. We’re looking at offering portrait, product, commercial and real estate photography to interested parties. We also have contacts with high end photographers, who are capable of shooting fashion, advertising and the like.

We are really excited to be offering this service branching out from branding, mobile apps, and web design, as it gives us another creative outlet to explore, which is always fun.

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